Elaine Luther

Elaine Luther

Artist, Writer

Welcome, I’m Elaine.

I make art, write about art and teach people how to teach art. I also give speeches, such as Studio Rules!  Find out more about me.

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Medal for an Exhausted Empath

Do you have a friend with a sympathetic face? Or maybe you're that person - people instantly feel they can trust you, and they talk your ear off. You wish they'd stop because frankly, it's exhausting. I have a friend like that, and I made this "Medal that You Wouldn't...

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Micro Gallery Joins Terrain Biennial!

Whew! We're installed! If you're in Chicagoland, you can visit this outdoor micro gallery in person! It's installed at 527 S. Humphrey Ave., in Oak Park, IL as part of the Terrain Biennial! Terrain runs October 2 through November 15, though the piece is already up and...

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An Award for the Perfect Tweet!

The Back Story on The Perfect Tweet Here is the tweet, which someone else declared perfect: I whipped up an award for The Perfect Tweet, because medals and awards are a thing that I do. Variations on a Theme I also tried the award out with a skeleton, purchased just...

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Find a Micro Gallery Near You

Wondering where you can find a micro gallery near you? Here's a list of the American micro galleries that I've been able to find so far. List of Micro Galleries in the United States Small Albany Gallery in New York https://www.instagram.com/smallbanygallery Nicholas...

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