Elaine Luther

Elaine Luther

Artist, Writer

Welcome, I’m Elaine.

I make art, write about art and teach people how to teach art. I also give speeches, such as Studio Rules!  Find out more about me.

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Totally Legit Card Co. Product Selection, rows of cards and stickers by Elaine Luther, Betsy Zacsek and Maria Romero Luther

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How All My Art Goes Together

Sometimes I look at another artist's body of work and marvel that they work in a single medium for years and years, and sometimes even in a single style. At first glance, my body of work may look diverse, as if it's lots of little, different bodies of work, but there...

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Call for Art! Very Small Art

I’ve started a gallery. A very small gallery, it’s 12” x 12” x 12”, a literal white cube. And you’re invited to send art for the shows! This is a real physical space that will mostly exist in photos, though I also plan to offer to lend it out to art galleries. And,...

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The Artists of Totally Legit Card Co.!

What's our style? What's our style over at the new Shopify store, Totally Legit Card Co.? That's one of the questions asked by host Joann Hawker of the March Meet the Maker thing that's happening over on Instagram. She asks good questions! All of the stickers and...

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