Elaine Luther

Elaine Luther

Artist, Teacher

Welcome, I’m Elaine.

I help you reconnect to your creativity through online and in person courses where I create a safe space for you to be successful. Find out more about me.

Need an art teacher for your library or art center?

I’m enthusiastic, kind and teach original projects that are all about creating meaning for your participants.

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Grief Quilts from Sherri Lynn Wood

Have you ever been listening to a podcast or a speech and someone says something exactly as you have thought it, only clearer than you ever thought to say it? Quilter Sherri Lynn Wood did that for me in an interview on the While She Naps podcast. She said, “I...

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Dump Your Guilt Quilt!

Ideas can drag us down. Objects can drag us down. I’m talking about UFO, Unfinished Objects, the bane of all craftspeople and artists. They can make us feel like “I can’t start that new project until I finish my UFOs.” or “I can’t...

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