Elaine Luther

Elaine Luther

Artist, Teacher

Welcome, I’m Elaine.

I help you reconnect to your creativity through online and in person courses where I create a safe space for you to be successful. Find out more about me.

Need an art teacher for your library or art center?

I’m enthusiastic, kind and teach original projects that are all about creating meaning for your participants.

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Resisting the change in the seasons

I said that in a text and liked it, so I made a graphic of it. : ) I always resist fall. I want more summer. I also resist Thanksgiving and Christmas, partly because the stores rush the holidays on us, it really is always too soon! Back to school sales in July?...

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Participatory Art in My First Art Walk

In the most un-gallery setting possible, among the power lines and our alley flower bed, full of sunflowers, we were part of an art walk this past weekend. Not just us, it’s a town-wide, garage-based art walk! (We used our parking space.) Here’s what we...

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How to get more creativity in your life

As I accept or turn away different teaching opportunities, I’ve been writing and reflecting on what my mission is as an art teacher. One of the key motivators for me is helping people be creative, maybe for the first time in a long time. Making art is good for...

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You Can Reconnect to Your Creativity

Feeling stuck? Haven’t done anything creative in a while? I’ve been there. After 20 years of metalsmithing, I got bored and stuck. I started painting out of the blue. It was the start of a new direction artistically that has really paid off. I’ve taught jewelry...

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