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Elaine Luther

Artist, Teacher

Welcome, I’m Elaine.

I help you reconnect to your creativity through online and in person courses where I create a safe space for you to be successful. Find out more about me.

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I’m enthusiastic, kind and teach original projects that are all about creating meaning for your participants.

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My Brother’s Jeans: Grief Art

If you know my art, you know I’ve done lots of grief art. Loss in general is a big theme for me. I’ve made pieces about the death of my brother and my daughter. You can see those in the portfolio section, under Medals that You Wouldn’t Want to Earn,...

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Roman Susan: Property

Chicago’s Roman Susan Gallery worked with the Rogers Park Historical Society to create the show Property. The historical society released 100 photos with a Creative Commons license for artists to use in art pieces. You can learn about the show, see the 100...

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Is it Storage or is it Art?

Not one, but two people have visited my studio and said, “Tell me about this piece.” “What, that?” I said. “That’s not art, that’s just storage.” I have a lot of spools with text fragments on them that I haven’t...

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Mixed Media in Mint Tin, Part 2

Alright, time to get messy! In Part 1 of this how-to series, we talked about the why and where of collecting for assemblage, or mixed media sculpture. Let’s look at some boxes and then start painting! Not all paint wants to stick to already painted steel. Spray...

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