Start Where You Are Quote Arthur Ashe

This quote comes to you via my yoga class. The teacher likes to give us a quote, poem or reading as the focus for each class. This quote struck me as perfect for art-making and creativity as well as yoga.

And that gave me the idea to post 100 Creativity Tips here on the blog! That’s what I’ll do in 2017 starting with today.

Each creativity tip will include an image-quote, like the one above, and further writing, examples, and/or links that explain more about the idea.

Who am I writing this for? Anyone who would like more creativity in their lives, whether they’ve never made art before or have gotten away from it and would like some help and support getting back to art making.

Resources for Starting Where You Are:

To get creative time back into your life, or in your life for the first time, you want to make it easy for yourself. It’s not necessary to set up a whole studio, fully equipped with all the equipment we could ever need.

A sketchbook and a pencil will do just fine to start, and even as a daily practice, which is what One thing Daily is about:

• Michael Nobbs runs the blog and podcast Sustainably Creative, which is about doing One Thing Daily.

Here’s an easy to do project that is rewarding and fun and requires simple materials that you probably have on hand.

Just take a piece of paper and a pencil and trace a shadow! This is wonderful to do outside when the weather allows, though we have discovered that windy days make it difficult.

Where we are, in the Chicago area, it’s not only windy right now but also mushy-slushy-wet outside. If it’s like that where you are too, you can do this indoors, near a window, or failing that, a lamp will create shadows for you.

The lesson plan at the link shows using paint, but you could also use colored pencils if that’s what you have.

This is fun to do on your own or with your kids or grandkids.

That’s it for today! I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s creativity tip! There are 99 more to come!