Gelli Plate printed mandalas by Elaine Luther on 6″ round, colored paper

Have you heard about #the100DayProject? You make one thing every day, usually on a theme. I’m doing Gelli Plate prints of mandalas, mostly, so far, but if I have a busy day I have no problem posting an image from a sketchbook!

It’s going well and I’m keeping up, no problem. Though 100 days is a long time! I wonder what variations I’ll come up with to keep from getting bored?

Here’s another picture of what I’ve been working on:

Gelli Plate Printing Square Prints by Elaine Luther

What is #the100dayproject? It’s the usual thing of a challenge, with the extra pressure of it being public and online, so you have that motivation to post, and you get to see what everyone else is doing and be inspired.

This one is on Instagram and all you have to do is post a photo each day of your project, along with the #the100dayproject. That’s it!

Here’s the info. from the founder of it.

Here’s a nice piece about the value of doing a 100 day project:

And! If you’re in the Chicago area, I’m teaching Gelli Plate printing mandalas as a class or workshop!

I can also come to your library, quilt guild or art center to teach, click Contact Me to start the conversation.

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