Origami Window Stars

Welcome to our Craft Blog Hop! We’re excited to share a few projects with you today on our hop that – depending on what you have on hand – can be made from materials you have at home.

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Here’s a project from my current class that’s about bringing some light into our drab winters: origami window stars!

These range from easy to more difficult, but everyone can manage at least the simplest one. (I don’t enjoy the really complex origami myself.)

You’ll need translucent/transparent origami paper, so it will let the light through and so that you get that wonderful layered effect at the places where the paper overlaps!

Here’s a blog post with step by step instructions:

In this blog post, she’s using kite paper, which I haven’t tried, but it certainly seems to work. Kite paper and the translucent origami paper are both available on amazon. I wasn’t able to find it in any local art, craft or paper store.

Here’s the kit we bought, it came with the translucent origami paper and an instruction book.

If you want to try the process while you wait for your order to arrive, you could use parchment paper or wax paper or very thin colored paper, such as copy paper. Construction paper wouldn’t work. The translucent specialty paper is ideal and worth the wait!

Here are more of my group’s origami window stars:

Origami Window Stars 3

Origami Window Stars 2

Origami Window Stars 4

Origami Window Stars Group of 3


The Origami Window Stars blog post was first published on ElaineLutherArt.com on February 16, 2017 and is re-published on March 23, 2020 with minor edits and additions.