A look back at the year for the Angelica Kauffman Galleries.

Whew, what an amazing year it’s been for the Angelica Kauffman Galleries!

We started with a single 12” x 12” box gallery and ended the year with a huge show of multiple galleries at the Orland Park Public Library: 5 box galleries, 1 wine crate turned loft, 1 cigar box, 6 or 7 mint tin micro-micro galleries and many free standing sculptures and works on easels!

It’s been amazing to meet so many new artists! I’m so grateful to my very dear family members who built the outdoor gallery, and installed it for the Terrain Biennial!

 Thanks to the Awesome Foundation Chicago for their financial support of our build and show in Terrain! And I’m so grateful to our hosts for Terrain, it was wonderful being a part of their block.

My pandemic world had gotten quite small, and the international world of micro galleries has made it much larger and more connected. That was one of my motivations for starting the micro gallery (it was singular, back then) and it’s succeeded way beyond my expectations.

It’s been amazing that this only started back in March, but the micro galleries have been out on display for 12 1/2 months! Calypso Moon Studio generously shared their display window with us for 6 months! The Waste Shed Chicago re-started their Glass Case Gallery and hosted multiple solo shows in box galleries.

Because I put all of my box galleries in the show at the Orland Park Public Library (that display case is huge!), I had to build another one! I couldn’t believe it! But I had a solo show to host. The good news is that I’ve gotten really good at building them. I realized this time, as I build box gallery number 6, that I could paint the inside of the walls, build the box, and then paint the outside walls and base in one fell swoop! Much faster.

I’ve open sourced my no-tools method for building these, there’s a blog post on the how-to. Basically, wood glue, painters tape and pre-cut wood. I use house paint for the walls, knowing that that can stand up to the 3M Command Strips that I use to hang the art.

Having entered the world of micro galleries, I began showing my own work in micro galleries in the U.S. and the U.K., becoming not only an international artist, but also showing my work in a micro gallery staffed entirely by cats, which is not something every artist can say.

The Video!

Another absolute highlight of the year was making this video, with my kids. And by “making it with them,” I mean, I bought the props – they did everything – the filming, editing, special effects!

A split screen image shows a person full size and shrunk down to mini size, walking around a micro gallery.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the link!

What’s coming in 2022 for the Angelica Kauffman Galleries?

We’re switching to all solo shows in 2022, in part because that’s easier to coordinate. There are a few open spots still, if you’re interested! Go back a few posts to see the call for art and link to the form!

We’ll host 1 or 2 shows per month, for a total of 12 to 17, with one show about every three weeks. I’m excited about all the art that I’ll be sharing with you next year!

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