I’ve been blogging over at All Things Metal Clay since 2007. I was encouraged to start that blog by Sadelle Wiltshire, my talented web designer, as well as my step-father. Before I had my blog, I didn’t even read blogs. The convinced me, and I became a big blogging geek, even attending WordCamps, the conferences for WordPress users.

Here at this new blog I’ll be blogging about topics related to my artwork, any exhibitions, that kind of thing.

I won’t be copying blog posts from the old blog over, but if you’re interested in reading more about what I’ve written already, here are some suggestions:

The Art and Inspiration Category

The My Jewelry/My Studio Category

and the annual Year in Review blot posts are a good starting point:

Blog Year in Review 2011
Blog Year in Review 2010
Blog Year in Review 2009
Blog Year in Review 2007

And if you’re interested in marketing, selling online and other business issues, I have lots of blog posts about those. I’ve also reviewed a lot of books, primarily about jewelry making.