I’m thrilled that the Angelica Kauffman Gallery is once again part of the Terrain Biennial, in a front yard in Oak Park, Illinois, where Terrain was founded! Artist Sabina Ott started it, and this once local event is now international!

Where is the Angelica Kauffman Gallery in Terrain?

You can find the gallery at 527 S. Humphrey Ave., in Oak Park, IL, during the run of Terrain! Thanks to our lovely host for having us again!

In this year’s biennial, the first show is Webs We Weave – Trails We Leave,” by Bryan Northup of Oak Park. Our second show is with Jocelyn Matthewes of Tennessee, and our third is Aparajita Jain of Pune, India.

In addition to the shows inside the gallery, the miniature Cows on Parade will be joining soon.  These are starting to arrive in the mail and are really fun and wonderful!

What is the Terrain Biennial?

“Terrain Biennial is a grassroots public art festival that brings artists and neighbors together to put public art on the front lawns (and porches, windows, and rooftops, too!) of neighborhoods across the world.
Artists and curators collaborated with hosts to produce public art installations (think sculptures, paintings, projections, flags, yarn art, you name it!) outside their homes (and other unexpected spots!).

From October 1 – November 15, the projects are on display for anyone who walks, rolls, skips or wanders by to discover!”

That last bit, that’s the magic of it. That’s why I love hosting and being hosted in Terrain. There’s another artist’s art in my front yard and a child on our block pulled up a chair on the sidewalk and sat down to contemplate the art.

That’s Terrain – you weren’t looking for art, but there it is! Interrupting your day with the unexpected.

There’s a map of all the art! Find it on the Terrain website.

Update, November, 2023

Here are images of all three solo shows in AKG in Terrain this year.

Three shows in the Angelica Kauffman Gallery in Terrain Biennial 2023

Three solo shows in Angelica Kauffman Gallery in Terrain Biennial 2023

It was wonderful to show an artist local to where to the gallery was installed, as well as two from further away – Tennessee and Pune, India.

Next I’ll create a blog post for each artist, with more photos and their interview.  This time around the outdoor gallery also had a “Cows on Parade” Installation on little shelves on the post.  That was super fun and will get it’s own post as well.