An image of a 12" x 16" micro gallery with art installed and drinks for a miniature reception.

“Black and White and Red All Over,” show at a 1:12 scale micro gallery, The Angelica Kauffman Gallery.
Photos by Elaine Luther (1) and R. Romero (3). Along the back wall: collage, “Guilded Cage,” by Susan Plover and drawing by birds, facilitated by Lisa Cole.

August Group Show at the Micro Gallery

This show opened on August 4, 2021 and features two U.K. artists: Lisa Cole and Susan Plover, and U.S. artists Elaine Luther and R. Romero. The red ribbon in the photo above is from the ribbon cutting to open the show.

"Drawn by Nature," by Lisa Cole, 2021.

“Drawn by Nature,” by Lisa Cole, 2021.

In “Drawn by Nature,” Lisa Cole sets up an art station for birds in her garden, and then the drawing is created by the movement of the birds and the wind.

Susan Plover works in collage and this piece has some subtle dimensionality that is difficult to see in the photos. More on that piece below.

Above the drinks station is a photo by me, part of my series, “The View through the Windshield.”

The photo next to that one, of a steel structure, is by R. Romero. Two additional photos by R. Romero are on the opposite wall: fireworks and a dandelion, both with the same outward energy.

Mostly black and white collage, "Guilded Cage" by Susan Plover

Guilded Cage” by Susan Plover. Collage, Copyright Susan Plover, 2017.

Here’s what Susan writes about her collage, “Guilded Cage:”

“This is a small scale mixed media piece created in 2017. It started as a black and white found photograph, evolving into a narrative of loneliness with the addition of the acetate image of the caged bird. The final fragment was an image of a strangely religious hat which I thought suggested a ritual of worship towards the lady trapped in the solitude of luxury.

To me it resonated loudly in these times as we have all been trapped within our own guilded cages.

It could be read on many levels ,some darker thoughts could involve being trapped within a negative relationship during lock down.”

Photos by Elaine Luther and R. Romero as installed in a micro gallery.

Photos by Elaine Luther (right) and R. Romero (left) shown as installed in the Angelica Kauffman Gallery, a micro gallery.

Photos by R. Romero as installed in a micro gallery.

Fireworks and dandelion photos by R. Romero, in the Angelica Kauffman Gallery.

Where to Find the Artists in this Show

Find Lisa Cole and @lisa_cole_designer
Find Susan at
Find Elaine Luther right here