Love traveling light? Love to check things off your list with an actual pen and not do everything on your phone?

There’s a website I just found that has fabulous printables to help you do just that. More in a sec.

A while ago I was listening to a podcast and the guest was explaining her organizer and what I pictured in my head turned out to be not at all what she actually meant, but it gave me the idea of making weekly to-do lists in the form of a mini-book, folded up from a single sheet of paper.

I learned how to make them from Caroline Syrup (aka Caro Griffin) at though I’m not sure if it’s still up on her site.

My students used the mini-book format to make charming little books to leave for others to find as a random act of kindness. Here’s one:




Aren’t my students the best?

Here’s my little fold-up weekly to-do list, with a spot to write the list of phone calls I need to make:

Sample fold up week mini booklet.

Cool, right?  Well the folks at have taken this to a whole new level!  (and it’s free!)

They’ve got pretty, formatted little pages, here’s a sample of the choices:

and you get to select what you want on each page and organize them however you like and then print it out!

I made this page to show lots of variety – there’s a knitting page, a food diary page, to-do, wish list, checkbook, wish list and emergency contact info. You could of course make a booklet entirely on one theme.

They even have a video on how to fold these up, if you don’t know already.

I hope you’re as nerdily excited about this as I am!

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