Elaine Luther with Before I Die Wall at SEA Conference 2015

Elaine Luther with Before I Die Wall at SEA Conference 2015, photo by Deb Garman

While it might seem like a leap to go from jewelry, small sculpture and paintings on canvas to a public art installation of a Before I Die Wall, I see it as an extension of the social justice teaching of art that I’ve been doing in the past few years.

I’ve just returned from the Self-Employment in the Arts Conference in Lilse, IL, where I had terrific fun presenting, “Forgo Grant Funding and Make Your Project Happen!” and “My Life in the Visual Arts” plus panels on networking, social media and alternative income streams.

Before the conference started, Emily Garman installed the Before I Die Wall in a long hallway with large mirrors at the hotel.  Students attending the conference used chalk markers to fill in the blanks.  They wrote things that were silly, inspiring, brave, bold and sweet.

Some memorable ones include:

Ride and Elephant

Conquer a small country

Fall Madly in Love!

Start a Movement!

Solve Global Warming

More pictures soon, and also see our mini-site at BeforeIDie.cc  Like all ephemeral art, it came down too soon, and students walking by as the wall was being washed off were heard to say, “Oh, that’s so sad!”

Thanks so much to Emily Garman for installation help, to SEA Conference for their support, Deb Garman for documenting, and to all the SEA volunteers who helped staff the wall.

Thank you!

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