image cover for photo tutorial by Elaine Luther.

Cover Image for Blessing Banners Step by Step Tutorial by Elaine Luther

Make your own flags inspired by Tibetan Prayer Flags, which are hung outdoors, and as they blow on the breeze, blessings are spread to the whole community. This project is easy and fun! This 33 page tutorial has 114 photographs, clear, step-by-step instructions and includes three completely original kirigami designs for you! Permission is granted to teach this project!

You’ll learn to make kirigami, the Japanese art of folding and cutting, as part of this project. This project can be completed in about two 2-hour sessions once you have all the easy-to-obtain supplies.

For art teachers: this project uses upcycled materials and is low cost. Students love it! Works well for ages 8 and up working independently, and for teens and adults. Does not involve the use of X-acto knives and does not require access to a sink.

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