I’ve been blogging over at All Things Metal Clay since 2007, but I’m new over here. There, I give advice on how to make a sell jewelry — both things I know lots about and have done for years. Over here, I try to keep you updated on my gallery shows and speaking engagements.

And I’m trying to find a way to share something of my creative process, but am still stymied at it. This pains me, as the author of this post and this post, about social media and blogging your artistic process, respectively.

My art seems to be like Athena, who emerged fully formed, from the head of Zeus. My art is either not done, in progress and ugly or ready to emerge, fully formed. Try as I might, I just can’t seem to share any photos of works in progress.

I don’t know if this is because I’m newer to my non-jewelry art forms of assemblage sculpture and mixed media collage painting, or something else.

I guess for now I’ll have to settle for sharing the photos in my Through the Windshield Series and other news and thoughts.

Here’s some news and thoughts. I used to think of less productive times (artistically less productive, I mean) as lulls, and a bad thing, until my friend, photographer Hannah Fehrman, said that she thought that was the way it went with artists. She said you have times when you make the work, and then you go out and promote it. I like that way of thinking about it.

In the news department, I’ll have a solo show in March at a branch of the Chicago Public Library. It’s a body of work that has personal meaning for me, that others really respond to, and I’m really excited to be able to share all of them together, at once.

I’m trying out various e-commerce solutions and will add one to this site soon. I still have the Etsy shop, and may keep it, but I also want to be able to sell directly from this site.

And there are more projects in the works, that I can’t talk about yet! But they will emerge, fully formed, as from the head of Zeus. I’ll write about it right here.