2023 Solo Shows at the Micro Gallery – Angelica Kauffman Gallery

I run the Angelica Kauffman Gallery, a group of 12″ x 16″ and 12×12 box galleries (and a wine crate, and two dollhouses…)

There are openings for solo shows in 2023. Each solo show is posted about for two weeks on the gallery’s Instagram and also archived on my blog. I also interview each artist and do Instagram posts and a blog post with their headshot or picture of them working.

I’d also be delighted to have a guest curator create a group show on a theme!  Feel free to use the contact form if you’d like to talk about that.

Here’s how to share your ideas for your solo show:


DEADLINE:  December 15, 2022. No fees.
The micro galleries were out on public display for 12 1/2 months in 2021!  (How is that possible?  Multiple galleries, with overlapping shows.)  In 2022, the galleries have existed only online.  These are real, physical shows, that are viewed online.
We have a big public display coming up in 2024, but nothing on the books yet for 2023.  Mentioning it though, that public displays, where the art is secure, in a glass case, for example, are possible.
What kinds of shows will we have in 2023?  Don’t know yet, but feel free to pitch me.  I would love to have guest curators and maybe we’ll do some themed, group shows in addition to solo shows.
I’m also looking to partner with a not for profit that works with currently or formerly incarcerated folks to host shows of their art.

How do Sales Work in the Micro Gallery?

All sales are handled directly by the artists.  Buyers are encouraged to contact the artists directly.  When the show comes down, I mail all of the art back to the solo show artists, who then mails the art to their customer(s).  No commission is taken.

Why no fees or commissions?  No fees because it’s a bad business model to make money off of fees charged to artists.  I’m trying to be the change I want to see in the art world.

I don’t charge commissions because allowing artists to handle the sales themselves lets them decide whether to ship internationally, how they want to package their art, etc.  Also, tiny art is affordable, there’s not really room in the price for a commission.  This allows the artists to earn the maximum and is one less thing that I have to take care of.  That works for me.
I do ask artists to pay shipping both ways.  (If you hear of any grants for this, or micro galleries in general, please let me know!)
Anyone who would like to support the Angelica Kauffman Gallery, and our constant need for more 3M Command Strips and Postage, can support the gallery on our Ko-Fi, here:
But wait, why do you need postage money if artists are asked to pay postage both ways?  We pay return postage for art for artists who are incarcerated.  And we’d like to be able to pay return postage ourselves.  If supporters can cover that for our community of artists, that would be awesome.

Clocking in for Unpaid Labor Public Participation Art Project

The second opportunity is to be in a show of the timecards.  I’m running a public participation art project about unpaid labor, involving art on time cards. Details here:


This is an on-going project where the finished cards are shared on Instagram and also go on public display.  Currently talking with a suburban Chicago library that has really nice display spaces.  We’re also now offering workshops where folks can come together to talk about the role of unpaid labor in their lives and work on their time cards.  Please contact me if you’d like to book a workshop.  I’m also working on a lesson plan, to allow people anywhere to host their own time card making workshop!  (See, I’ve said it publicly, now I have to get it done.)

In the call, I suggest that you complete and mail back your card within 30 days of receiving it.  But the project in general is on-going and open ended.

The cards that had been received to date at the time of my solo show in May, were displayed along with my art in a show about labor.  I continue to pitch exhibitions of the time cards, either as a stand-alone, or as part of a show of my art.  Want to bring a show of the time cards to your gallery, library, or other space?  Please click Contact Us above and use the contact form to let me know!

Lobby Glass Cases at Orland Park Public Library, with artwork by Elaine Luther

Lobby Glass Cases at Orland Park Public Library, with artwork by Elaine Luther.

Update – Show of the Time Cards Announced!

I’m excited to announce that the time cards will be on display in this lobby display case at the <strong>Orland Park Public Library</strong>, in Orland Park, Illinois, for January and February of 2023. We’re making custom easels so that the time cards will stand up for this display, and any future displays.

If you want to be in a show and need a deadline to get motivated, now you have one! Deadline is December 15, 2022 to be in this show. It’s a large space, but we could run out of room, so do send in your Business Sized, Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope to get a free time card! And remember that the little bill paying envelopes that come inside your bills are too small to hold a time card.

Send your SASE to:

Elaine Luther
PO Box 5292
River Forest, IL 60305