Call for Art: A Play Mobil Person Looks at a Blank Canvas on an Easel.

I’ve started a gallery. A very small gallery, it’s 12” x 12” x 12”, a literal white cube. And you’re invited to send art for the shows!

This is a real physical space that will mostly exist in photos, though I also plan to offer to lend it out to art galleries. And, there’s a show of outdoor art in the Chicago suburbs; I hope to build an outdoor version of the gallery as well and apply to the outdoor show with that.

If you’d like to participate, here’s how:

• buy a tiny canvas, make some art on it! Securely affix your name and address to the back of the art.

• can be photography, collage, etc., but needs to be mounted on canvas. (or board, but ready to hang and relatively lightweight.)

• sculpture is also accepted, needs to be to scale, which is roughly 1:12 dollhouse miniature scale. Play Mobil doll in photo, for size reference.

• mail to me at: Elaine Luther, PO Box 5292, River Forest, IL. 60305.

• fill out the google form (link in the comments) to give me a brief artist statement, your website and IG links and the address to return the art.

The smaller canvas in the photo is 2” square and the larger one is 3 1/2” x 3”. You don’t have to use those exact sizes, but that’s a guideline for the scale.


Is there insurance?

No, sorry.

What if someone wants to buy the painting/my artwork?

I’ll direct them to pay you directly and if they are local to me, mail or deliver the artwork to them, once you tell me they’ve paid.


When will I get my painting/artwork back?

I’m not totally sure, it depends on how well this whole thing takes off! If accepted into Terrain, the shows could go into early fall 2021.

How will I get my painting/artwork back?

Include a pre-paid shipping label or similar with your artwork.

Can international artists participate?

Yes, and please advise me on how to best return your artwork with regard to customs, etc. in your country. Include a pre-paid shipping label or similar with your artwork.

(I don’t expect to make any money from this, and I also don’t want to go broke from paying shipping costs.)
: )

Why are you doing this?

For fun and to meet people and share their tiny art!

Artworks should be safe for work/family friendly. The gallerist reserves the right to not exhibit submitted work.

What else haven’t I thought of? This is my first semi-public call for art for my first miniature gallery, suggestions welcome!

(Cool wood cut out thing in the background is by Fusion Woodworks)

Link to the Google Form:

Update: The gallery has a name! It’s the Angelica Kauffman Gallery. And it has its own Instagram: