Image graphic that says Call for Mini Murals for the outside walls at the Angelica Kauffman Galleries, with an image of a mural on a brick wall.

Mural Artists Invited to Participate in the Micro Gallery!

I had an idea!  I realized that “wall decals,” the thin, low tack, removable “signs” that you can have made, would “read” as a mural on the outside walls of the micro galleries.  I was thinking of a local mural artist I know.  The upsides of this idea is that artists can repurpose an existing piece of artwork, including digital art.  The downside is that it does cost money to have these printed.

But!  Another upside, is that it could make it easier for international folks to participate, by ordering a wall decal from a U.S. vendor and having it sent directly to the gallery.  (I’ll mail it back to the artist, as always.  Artist pays shipping.  The gallery has no fees, no commissions; we do have to ask the artists to pay shipping.)

How to  Participate

If you’d like to participate, here’s how.  

• Have your mural printed as a die cut wall decal, by a service such as Sticker Mule.. What I’m talking about is a *removable* wall graphic, not a transfer sticker. The removable wall graphics may say, “adhesive fabric,” or “removable and re-positionable.” That’s what we’re looking for. Having it be die cut enhances the illusion that the mural was painted right on the wall.

• Maximum size for the inside of the gallery is 4″ x 4″. Slightly smaller is better, say 3″ x 3″ or 3.5″ x 3″, as a maximum size.  For mini murals, a size of about 6″ to 8″ is good.  The exterior walls are 12″ x 12″, painted white.

• Mail or have mailed to me at: Elaine Luther, PO Box 5292, River Forest, IL. 60305.

Fill out the google form to give me a brief artist statement, title, your website and IG links and the address to return the art.


What’s the deadline?

Shows are up for at least a week, so for the general call for art and the mural call, there is no deadline.  It’s a rolling admissions thing.  (Except for specific calls for specific shows, such as Wallet Size, see below.)

Is there insurance?

No, sorry.

What if someone wants to buy the painting/my artwork?

I’ll direct them to pay you directly and if they are local to me, mail or deliver the artwork to them, once you tell me they’ve paid.  If the customer is not local to me, I’ll work with you to ship the work directly to the customer, instead of back to you.

When will I get my painting/artwork back?

I’m not totally sure, it depends on how well this whole thing takes off! If accepted into Terrain, the outdoor art event in the Chicago area, the shows could go into early fall 2021.

How will I get my painting/artwork back?

Include a pre-paid shipping label or envelope or similar with your artwork.

Can international artists participate?

Yes, and please advise me on how to best return your artwork with regard to customs, etc. in your country. Include a pre-paid shipping label or similar with your artwork.

(I don’t expect to make any money from this, and I also don’t want to go broke from paying shipping costs.)
: )

How are the shows handled?

Each show is photographed in an “unpacking” and “installation day” shot; a completed show shot, plus video, and a “deinstallation day” photo.  In addition, each artist’s work is photographed as it arrives in the mail.  Each work of art gets its own post on the gallery Instagram, with links to the artists website and Instagram, plus the text that the artist has shared.  Each group photo of the show as installed lists each artist by name and tags them on Instagram.  Each show has a miniature wine and cheese reception, with EANABs, or Equally Attractive Non-Alcoholic Beverages, also available.

Why are you doing this?

For fun and to meet people and share their tiny art!

Art Should be Safe for Work and Family Friendly

Artworks should be safe for work/family friendly. The gallerist reserves the right to not exhibit submitted work.  Absolutely no hate speech.

Is there an age limit?

In general, we are a gallery for professional, adult artists.  We do have one parent and child art show planned.  And we do hate age discrimination.  So we’re going to say that our minimum age is 16.  Ages 16 and up may participate in this call and our photography call.

What else haven’t I thought of? This is my first semi-public call for art for my first miniature gallery, suggestions welcome!

(Cool wood cut out thing in the background of the photo is by Fusion Woodworks)

Link to the Google Form:

See the gallery’s Instagram here:

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