Sketchbook success pages showing gel pens and gold paint.

A recurring theme in “how to be successful” books, including, The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, is to pause to celebrate your successes, and this idea of a success notebook, where you write down your successes. The reasons for this are so that you don’t forget, and as a reminder for the rough times.

I tried having a separate book just for successes, but found that I prefer to celebrate my successes in the context of everything else that is happening, so I put them in whatever sketchbook/art journal I’m using at the time.

When celebrating, why not go over the top? With metallic Sharpies and lots and lots of gold paint?

Here are some of the materials I use:

Metallic pens, pencils, and washi tape for success pages in journaling.

Sketchbook art, success pages showing metallic silver and gold washi tape.

Ah, washi tape! I introduced some students in my art classes to washi tape and apologized for their new addiction! On the upside, it often goes on sale and you can use your coupons. What is it? It’s a lightweight, papery tape, sometimes it’s more like masking tape, and it comes in a million designs! So much fun! Collage without the glue!

I buy washi tape at the big box craft store and IKEA mostly. (Yes, IKEA! Check the gift wrap section.)

Here, I’m showing some of my favorite metallic golds and silvers. Because if you’re going to celebrate, why not do it up big? This is just for you, in your own private sketchbook. No one needs to know how much shiny washi tape you used.

And this doesn’t have to be an expensive process either. Metallic, permanent pens are 2 for a dollar at the dollar store, the Dreamcoat gold paint (the color is Wedding Gold, love it!) is from the $1.00 bin at Target.

The important thing isn’t how you celebrate, but that you celebrate your successes!

Here’s one of my celebration pages: