Time cards by (L to R) Terry Clabour, Tess Dillenberger and Pricilla Perkins. Part of the Clocking in for Unpaid Labor public participation art project.

Time Cards in the Clocking in for Unpaid Labor Project

I’m delighted to share the first batch of time cards that have come back in the mail! I sent out about 25 time cards, unsolicited, to about 25 artists, many of them artists who have sent work into the micro gallery. So these are the first time cards to come back.

These and more are up on the wall at the Compassion Factory, in Brookfield, Illinois, where I have a solo show up right now.

Here’s an image of that wall last night before even more cards arrived!

Time cards made by artists participating in the Clocking in for Unpaid Labor project. Cards are by, from L to R: Tess Dillenberger, Stephanie Capps Dyke, Pricilla Perkins (upper), Cathleen Cramer (lower), Jean Gray Mohs, Terry Clabour and Kelley Clink.

I’m thrilled that this project is resonating with people! It’s open to all genders, and so far all the participants are women. Women do 75% of the world’s care work, according to the book Invisible Women, so perhaps this is not surprising, but I do hope that as the project continues, the range of people participating will be broader.

Here are more time cards, and as I was working on this blog post, yet more cards arrived! So I’ll photograph those and add to this post.

Time Card by Stephanie Capps Dyke.

Time Card by Stephanie Capps Dyke, front and back shown.

Time Card by Kelley Clink

Time Card by Kelley Clink, front and back shown.

Two more! These were delivered at the opening reception last night, I took quick pictures and we got them up on the wall. There’s one more that hasn’t been photographed yet.

Time Cards by Nancy Hines and Norma Goose Kanter

Time Cards by Norma Goose Kanter (left) and Nancy Hines (right).

The back of Nancy’s card says, “Hi, my name is Parvaneh. I’ve been making and creating things all my life. It’s a passion and a lifestyle. I hope that you enjoy my artworks as much as I love to make them and be an inspiration for you.” and “Card made in honor of Parvaneh by Nancy G. Hines, 13 May 2022.”

Time cards by Cathleen Cramer, left, and Jean Gray Mohs, right.

Time cards by Cathleen Cramer, left, and Jean Gray Mohs, right.

Here’s another picture of the punch clock machine, where you can also see some of the books on the bookshelf below it. (I’ve ordered a used copy of Shadow Work by Craig Lambert but it’s not here yet.)

The Punch Clock at the Gallery

Vintage punch clock, books at the gallery.

It’s not too late to participate!

This is an on-going project.  The details of the call for art, including the address to send the business sided SASE to, are in this post:

I’ll keep posting images of the time cards here in this post, as they come in, until this post gets comically long, then I guess I’ll figure out another way to share them.

Update, May 21, 2022

More cards arrived in the mail!  Below are close up pictures and a new picture of them on the wall.

Time Cards by Amanda Mulcahy, Heather Lowe

Time Cards by Amanda Mulcahy (L) and Heather Lowe (R).

Time Cards by Daniela Wenzel, Kate Eggleston

Time Cards by Daniela Wenzel (L), and Kate Eggleston (R).

Time Cards by Donna Roswell, Carol Mauer

Time cards by Donna Roswell (L), Carol Mauer (R).

And here’s the Your Turn wall at the gallery, with all the time cards that have come in so far!

"Your Turn" wall of time cards sent in by women artists. Art made on time cards.

The “Your Turn” wall at the Compassion Gallery shows time cards sent in by (to date) all women artists. Each card expresses something about their experiences with unpaid labor.

Artists Participating in the Clocking in for Unpaid Labor Project

Here’s a list of all the artists who have sent in cards so far, along with their Instagram handles, where I know it/have been able to find it.

Daniela Wenzel @danielawenzelart
Nancy Hines
Norma Goose Kanter
Terry Clabour. @mcruby1920
Heather Lowe @hl5hl5
Donna Roswell
Carol Mauer @carol.maurer
Kate Eggleston @kate.eggleston
Kelley Clink. @Kelleyclink
Amanda Mulcahy @play.colorful
Kathryn Rodriguez @kathryn.rodrigues
Jean Gray Mohns @jg.fourdots
Stephanie Capps Dyke @creativeandmindful
Cathleen Cramer @cmcramer.art
Tess Dilenberger @tessdillenberger
Pricilla Perkins @thimble_rigger
Charity Capili Ellis @ccapelliscreate
Giulia Hines
Nina Wood @ninawood_artworks

New Cards, received in early June 2022.

Front and back of time card by Robin Taft

Front and back of time card by Robin Taft.  The front says, “and we Love.”

Time card by Sarah Jerger. Under Balance due, it says, “hundreds of thousands.”

Here’s the text from the back of Sarah Jerger’s time card:

“This altered time card is representative of a fraction of my unpaid labor as a women, wife, professional, and mother. In it you will find:

• stains from strawberries and coffee, and whatever else from the card living on my kitchen counter for 24 hours.

• used paper towels from my art studio, where I go for solace and rediscovery of self.

• stitches from my oft-used sewing machine to mend and created.

• smudged fingerprints as it felt important to quite literally put my mark on this work.

Time Cards by Jan Reagan and Emma McGinn

Time Cards, (L) “Gardening” by Jan Reagan, and (R), “Mothering: Away from Home with a Poorly Toddler,” by Emma McGinn.

Emma’s time card is the first from outside the U.S. Emma McGinn is a London based textile artist.

Time card by Angela Green

Time Cards by Nina Wood and Charity Capelli Ellis

Time Cards by Nina Wood and Charity Capili Ellis.

Time Cards by PD and G. Hiines

Time cards by “PD,” currently held in a juvenile detention center, and Giulia Hines.

On the left, a card by a young person currently in a juvenile detention center. On the right, by Giulia Hines, collage with vintage ephemera. Do you recognize the apron? It’s one I’ve seen before, in orange, as a real product that was available for sale in the 1970s. Love that it turned up in a time card!

Clocking in for Unpaid Labor Show at Orland Park Public Library

Clocking in for Unpaid Labor Show at Orland Park Public Library. Front lobby display cases at the library in Orland Park, IL.

The time cards are out on public display at the Orland Park Public Library in Orland Park, Illinois. There are time cards from 11 states in the U.S. plus one from the U.K.

Here are the names of everyone who has a card in the show:

Therese Angarone, xtine burough, Alex Velazquez Brightbill, Barbara Bergstrom, Megan H. Carroll, Terry Clarbour, Kelley Clink, Kathy Cornwall, Cathleen Cramer, Tess Dillenberger, Stephanie Capps Dyke, Kate Eggleston, Charity Capili Ellis, Rachel Finkelstein, Kat Furtado, Lara Emmerling Grace, Angela Green, Katie Gresham, Lisa S. Gibson, Nancy Hines, Sarah Berger, Norma Goose Kantor, Carissa Lindsey, Heather Lowe, Elaine Luther, Emma McGinn, Carol Maurer, Ally Messer, Carolyn Morriss, Jean Gray Mohs, Amanda Mulcahy, Jill Nahrstedt, Cynthia O’Neill, Priscilla Perkins, Andre Pace, “P.D.”, Jan Reagan, Gina Lee Robbins, Kathryn Rodrigues, Donna Rowsell, Liz Ruest, Leah Sandler, Robin Taft, Liz Trosper, Kashoan Ward, Kiley Ward, Daniela Wenzel