Time cards in the photo above are by Cathleen Cramer, Tess Dillenberger and Kate Eggleton.

Clocking in for Unpaid Labor Show at Orland Park Public Library

Clocking in for Unpaid Labor Show at Orland Park Public Library. Front lobby display cases at the library in Orland Park, IL.

The Biggest Show yet of the Clocking in for Unpaid Labor Project!

I’ve installed the show of time cards that folks have sent in for the Clocking in for Unpaid Labor Project! It’s in the glass cases in the front lobby of the Orland Park Public Library in Orland Park, Illinois. Orland Park is in the southern suburbs of the Chicago metro area.

There are so many time cards in this show – over 50! that I can’t include them all in this post. Many of them are in this post. And soon I’ll create a whole Page here on the site to share photos of ALL the time cards and keep everyone updated on when and where the current and future shows are.

Thanks to everyone who has participated so far, it’s wonderful to see the art and all the different types of unpaid labor that people address in their cards.

For the show, I made custom easels for each and every time card, plus easels for the signage – I put one letter each on a timecard to spell out Clocking in for Unpaid Labor. Pictures of the signage to come – it’s on the top shelf and I’m too short to get a photo! I’ll go back with a ladder to take more and better photos.

The show is up January to the end of February, 2023. Thanks so much to the library for hosting the show!

Everyone Who Has a Time Card in this Show

Therese Angarone
xtine burough
Alex Velazquez Brightbill
Terry Clarbour
Kelley Clink
Kathy Cornwall
Cathleen Cramer
Tess Dillenberger
Stephanie Capps Dyke
Charity Capili Ellis
Kate Eggleston
Rachel Finkelstein
Kat Futado
Lara Emmerling Grace
Angela Green
Katie Gresham
Lisa S. Gibson
Nancy Hines
Sarah Jerger
Norma Goose Kantor
Carissa Lindsey
Heather Lowe
Elaine Luther
Carol Maurer
Emma McGinn
Ally Messer
Carolyn Morriss
Jean Gray Mohs
Amanda Mulchay
Jill Nahrstedt
Cynthia O’Neill
Priscilla Perkins
Andre Pace
Jan Reagan
Kathryn Rodrigues
Gina Lee Robbins
Donna Roswell
Liz Ruest
Leah Sandler
Robin Taft
Liz Trosper
Kashoan Ward
Kiley Ward
Daniela Wenzel

We have time cards from 11 states in the U.S. plus one from the U.K.

Punch clock and time card by Elaine Luther.

Time card by Elaine Luther, 2021, part of the series, “Time Cards for Mothers.” And a vintage punch clock.

Of course we displayed the punch clock as part of this show! No, it doesn’t work, but it does look cool. And I figure this can help the parents at the library explain to their kids what a time card was.

Clocking in for Unpaid Labor Show at the Orland Park Public Library

A view of the whole display case, with the image taken after dark, to prevent the problem of the artworks being backlit.

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