Screenshot of the Awesome Foundation’s website announcing this mont’s grantees. See below for artist credits!

Micro Gallery News and Cause for Celebration

We’re currently building (that’s a royal we, so far all I’ve done is shop, kind family members are doing the sawing and routing) an outdoor version of the Angelica Kauffman Gallery!

It will be on display October-November 2021 in a residential yard in Oak Park, Illinois as part of the international sculpture event, Terrain Biennial, that originated in Oak Park.

Once I got the nod from Terrain, I applied for a grant from the Awesome Foundation Chicago and am thrilled to announce that I was awarded a grant! This will help pay for the building materials, post and installation costs, insurance and signage.

I apply for a lot of things, and miss out on more things than I win — those are just the odds of being in art and that’s fine — and it’s especially wonderful to experience this double win!

And now on to planning the shows! I hope to change out the shows every week or so, which was a suggestion from artist Bryan Northup.

That’s it for now! My part of the build including taking the little building to the glass shop, if needed, to have the windows glazed in place, and gluing down 800 or more individual cedar shingles.

My micro gallery builds to date have all been indoors; this one has to be water tight to keep the art safe and dry.

Even though it’s outdoors, this will still be a view-only gallery. Luckily, Oak Park has its own FLAG, or free little art gallery, for anyone who wants to exchange art.

Here’s the announcement on the Awesome Foundation website!

Credits for the art shown in the image above:

From L to R: Solo show with Mel Kolstad; Magali Almada, Biyun Feng, Lorie Groetzinger; solo show by Bryan Northup.

Dollhouse Art Center:
Art by: Terry Clabour, Milicent Fambrough, Becka Rahn, Elaine Luther, Bonnie Glassner, Jen Frost, Alex Brightbill, Alexandra Pierschalla.

Last photo, lower right: Maria Romero Luther, Alex Brightbill, Elaine Luther.