Take risks! Try new things! But start small! Here’s an excellent article on how to achieve goals, such as the goal of trying new things and adding more creativity to your life.


I particularly like #5, “Commit Publicly,” which is something I advocate for when I give speeches on goal setting.

Why? Because we all need help and support. I have a new(ish) habit of exercising. Okay, I’ve crossed over, I’m a committed exercise nut with a regular habit. And every single time I exercise, I post on facebook to brag, just a bit, about it. Not to say, “I’m so great,” but to find support.

Those posts don’t get as many likes as they used to, but my friends who have also crossed over, who are also committed exercisers, they always give it a like.

If I stopped posting that I exercised, I think they would notice. By committing publicly, I feel a responsibility, I feel that people are watching and supporting me in my goals.

And there are more great tips over in the Zen Habits article, I do many of these myself!

Have you ever committed to a goal publicly? Did it help? Are there other ways you find support in your goals?