Mandalas, drawn by Elaine Luther, ready to be colored in.

I’ve never drawn mandalas before, but tried it out in advance of doing this activity with my students at the healthcare center where I teach.

Here’s what we did:

I printed out this paper, we used the 6″ one in gray.

We used Micron pens to draw the mandalas and then colored them in with colored pencils or markers, as the students preferred.

Now I know why people always say drawing these is so relaxing! You choose one shape to make, and then you just make it, all the way around the circle! Then, do the next row! When you’re done, you can color it in.

One student used three colors of pens to draw the mandala, adding color to it without having to color the whole thing, what a great idea!

I encourage you to try it! Relaxing, low cost and an attractive result.

P.S. Micron pens, available at your favorite art supply store or online, give the best result, failing that, use any permanent fine tip marker, such as a fine point Sharpie.

Any questions, or want me to make a video for you? Post a comment to let me know!

And here it is, all colored in: