Ideas can drag us down. Objects can drag us down. I’m talking about UFO, Unfinished Objects, the bane of all craftspeople and artists. They can make us feel like “I can’t start that new project until I finish my UFOs.” or “I can’t buy that new fabric that really inspires me because I’ve got that half finished quilt in the back of my closet.”

The Flylady, a clean-your-house-system guru, says you should just get rid of your guilt quilt and I heartily agree!

These things that make us should ourselves and hold us back from creativity should be cut lose. And, another Flylady saying is, “Bless someone else with your stuff.” Pass it on! Find a good home for it. I have a nice thrift store near me that takes good care of this, presents them well, and sells other people’s UFOs, included quilt tops, embroidery projects and quilt squares. I know, because I buy them for my collage works.

I was talking with a fellow business owner at a conference, whose business had completely changed, from making and selling a craft product, to a service graphic design and web company. The craft business was successful, but this new business was even better. She was happy with the change, but what to do with all those supplies?

“Bless someone else with them!” I said. A residential foster care home or a child life department at a hospital would be delighted to receive those materials.

And then, instead of feeling guilty about the sunk costs, instead of feeling bad every time she looks at them, she could feel so happy, looking at the empty shelf space where they used to be and imagining the happy children!

The best part is freeing up your brain so you can create new art!

This idea isn’t limited to UFOs and leftover art supplies from avenues explored and rightfully abandoned. This idea can apply to anything that mentally holds you back. Household clutter, digital clutter, studio clutter. What could you clear away in order to make it easier to create?

And look what I found? Here’s an image-quote I made before I started the 100 Creativity Tips series, that goes perfectly with this idea!

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