A screenshot from Instagram from the Tiny Cat Gallery, showing an art show of photos by Elaine Luther. In the gallery are two cats.

Elaine Luther’s work installed at the Tiny Cat Gallery.

A group of my photos is on exhibit at the Top Drawer, a division of the Tiny Cat Gallery in the UK!  These photos are mostly from Cat Week during the 100 Day Project, when I did 100 Days of Photos with Miniatures.

The images are mounted on foam core, and are wallet size, 2.5″ x 3.5″ (approximately).  All art work is for sale, via the Tiny Cat Gallery.

Lisa Cole is the human behind the Tiny Cat Gallery, which is staffed and visited entirely by tiny cats.  She’s also written a book on how to run your own micro gallery.  It’s called, “The Tiny Art Gallery Manual.”

It’s available as a paperback, on kindle and on audible!

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