Angelica Kauffman Gallery

The Angelica Kauffman Gallery: A Project of Elaine Luther

The gallery now has a name, The Angelica Kauffman Gallery and it’s own Instagram:

I’ve been working with miniatures in my art for ages, since 2006, at least. And I started out as a jeweler and metalsmith, so this is a scale that makes sense to me. As the gallery is getting started, in March, 2021, I’ve been doing as my 100 Day Project, 100 Days of Photos with Miniatures. For those, each day I take a photo with my vintage wooden spools that once held thread, arranged with other small objects, including doll house miniatures. Some of them are artsy and some of them are cute, such as the Crazy Cat Lady one and the Plant Lady one.

It just kind of evolved, that there could be a tiny art gallery, at that same scale I was working with every day. Oh! And there was also a conversation online, about an artist in Seattle who’s started a sort of Little Free Library for art. Take an art, leave an art.

An artist I know suggested I take a dollhouse and start a sort of miniature cultural center! I just happen to have an extra dollhouse, and I thought about putting the gallery inside of that. The challenge is that it’s very, very pink and might be hard to paint, and it’s kind of dark inside, at least if you’re trying to take pictures and videos and share them online!

So I decided to build a stand alone gallery.

Here it is, in progress, so very close to completion. I’m painting the floor gray to look like a concrete floor.

The Angelica Kauffman Gallery by Elaine Luther, a 12" x 12" x 12" white box gallery for very small art.

The Angelica Kauffman Gallery by Elaine Luther, a 12″ x 12″ x 12″ white box gallery for very small art.

I’ve ordered miniature benches and wine and cheese for the gallery. The wine and cheese will only be in the gallery for the opening reception of course. I have work from a few artists in hand already, and I’ve begun photographing the art and posting it on the gallery’s Instagram.

Want to be a part of it?

Call for Art: A Play Mobil Person Looks at a Blank Canvas. A smaller canvas near by says "Call for Art."

The first Call for Art can be seen here: