Cover image for a digital product called How to Outline Your Course in a relatively fast, easy way, by Elaine Luther

Learn to outline your course—the process is the same whether it’s for a weekend workshop, an online course, or multi-week class.

It’s like having your experienced teacher friend come over for coffee and giving you the crash course you need in how to outline your course, and the essential elements that are a part of every class, or workshop, regardless of how long or short it is. Without overwhelming you with too much information.

Practical, useful techniques that you’ll really use to figure out how to take your expert knowledge in your craft and turn it into a course outline and the beginnings of your course.

25 page guide, packed with information and action steps to get you planning and on your way to teaching that class you’ve always wanted to teach!

Includes 6 pages of worksheets.

Based 25 years+ of teaching experience in a variety of settings, with kids and adults!

Designed to be printer friendly, skip printing the cover page to save ink if you like. The vast majority of the inside pages are black and white.

Currently priced on a “pay what you choose” model! Grab it now!

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