I was asked to write up how to outline your course, so I did! Here’s an ebooklet for you! It’s 25 pages with 6 pages of worksheets and for a limited time, it’s pay what you want! You choose the price, with free as one of the options!

It covers way more territory than just outlining your course, because before you can figure out the outline of your course, you need to figure out the course goals, or desired transformation. I also cover the elements that are common to nearly all workshops, courses, and multi-week courses.

This guide is primarily for teachers of in-person workshops that teach a craft or art process or project, but the concepts apply to teaching anything, whether online or in person.

If you’ve ever wanted to start teaching but hesitated because you weren’t sure how to organize your course, class or workshop, I’m proud to share my 25 years of teaching experience with you!

If you give it a read, feedback is welcome, you can send me your follow up questions and let me know what you’d like to learn next! (I’ll also answer your questions and/or send you to the perfect resource.)

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