photo by Julie Brummett.

photo by Julie Brummett.

I’m going to go out on a limb here, climb out with me.

High status people don’t carry stuff.

Ages ago, when I was temping in a corporate office, I was the lowest of the low. Not only a secretary, but God forbid, a TEMP secretary. People would actually not talk to me. Would pretend I didn’t exist. I was pretty aware of status, being at the bottom.

I worked for an executive assistant who worked for a head guy. The big guys never carry anything. No bags. Picture a head guy in a corporate office. He’s walking down the hall, what’s he carrying? Nothing. If it’s a long time ago in you’re head, maybe he’s got a folded newspaper. Maybe he’s got one of those leather folder things that holds a pad of paper. Oh wait, it’s 2015, maybe he’s carrying an iPad.

High status people don’t carry things. The things they need are where they’re going when they get there. Someone else has taken care of that.

So by definition, low status people carry stuff. They carry their own stuff, they carry for other people. Look at moms with babies! They get no respect in our culture and they’re weighted down like pack mules. Diaper bags filled with what you might need for any eventuality. Plus a stroller and extra sweaters for everyone.

Could it be that a purse is a mark of being a low status person? Women = low status. Less than, in the eyes of the mainstream culture.

I get it, I get that a bag can be a wonderful style option. It can signal all kinds of things about status and wealth.

I realize that some of you will think I’m completely crazy for this, but I think I’m on to something.

Sash Close Up Pockets for Women by Elaine Luther, photo by Dulce Rodreguez, 2015

Sash Close Up Pockets for Women, Copyright Elaine Luther 2015, photo by Dulce Rodreguez

Here are some links to fellow dislikers of the purse, including the National Football League!

Rather silly article about purses and body language:

Here’s an article about a football stadium banning purses:

Quote from that story:

“THE LIBERATORs of American women have arrived, and they are not Third Wave feminists, but commissioners of the National Football League.”

This writer totally agrees with me about purses:

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