This year my art has been out of the studio and on display for a total of 8 months, with two shows overlapping! That’s a record for me. The Our Ladies went visiting at the Orland Park Public Library in May, for Mother’s Day. The year started with the Balance and Tension series on display at the Harold Washington Library, in the first floor popular library section. The work was there from January to March.

Then the Forest Park Public Library hosted an all mobile show from July to September, with about 25 pieces suspended from the ceiling in a meandering pattern designed for me by curator and artist Betsy Zacsek. (Thanks Betsy!)

Forest Park Public Library Show of Balance and Tension by Elaine Luther, All artwork is Copyright Elaine Luther 2017.

For September and October this month, Balance and Tension, including some mobiles, are at the Orland Park Public Library, in their bright and cheerful lobby with glass cases that can be viewed from both indoors and outdoors.

Here’s the thing – my three major bodies of work, Medals that You Wouldn’t Want to Earn, Our Ladies of Perpetual Housework and Balance and Tension, have now all been exhibited in solo shows, some of them repeatedly.

Time to make something new! (Hence the photo above, an image about transitions, thresholds, liminal spaces.)

I’ve got a new body of work that’s emerging, but I’m not rushing it and it’s too soon to show it to you. (Though I have two pieces that are ready to photograph.)

It’s also a big time of change in my life, as I’ve moved away from teaching art and toward doing paid writing, as well as ending two volunteer roles, one of which I’ve had for 20 years.

Big changes! I’ve taught for 25 years, did this volunteer thing for 20 years, also ended another volunteer gig, that I’d done for 4 years. It’s making space for more art making and more writing.

I’m not completely sure what’s on the other side of this threshold for me, but I’m feeling great about it!


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