This year for #the100DayProject, I’m taking photos for my The View through the Windshield series.

There’s nothing like the need to post a photo on Instagram every single day to keep you on your creative toes, looking for interesting things to photograph.

Above is an elevator grate and shadow. I had to move fast to get that one, before arriving at my floor!

What else is new? After exhibiting my art 8 months out of 12 this year, it’s been time to head back into the studio (head back? I never left!) to make more work.

Art on Exhibit in 2017. All artwork Copyright Elaine Luther 2013-2017

I’m working on a series of Little Houses, you’ve seen this one:

Shrine for a Sippy Cup, Copyright Elaine Luther 2017.

The ones I’m working on now are wood structures with metal roofs. Nothing to show just yet, but I wanted to say hello and that I’m working away and mention the photo series.

It’s great to have a daily creative practice so that even when you’re in a creatively slower time, when you’re incubating and letting the next thing arrive, that you’re still flexing those creative muscles, one way or another.

I also have a secret new website that I’ll be able to share with you in about a week! Stay tuned!