After writing about IKEA hacks for your craft room or studio for the Craft Industry Alliance, I thought I should share my own studio storage solutions.

Context - Elaine Luther's Studio, display shelf, all art work is copyright Elaine Luther 2013-2017.

Elaine Luther’s Studio, display shelf, all art work is copyright Elaine Luther 2013-2017.

The large KALLAX is tucked into a little alcove in the wall, maybe there used to be a built-in unit of some kind there in the long past of this house, but it is long gone. The KALLAX shelf fits just right there. The cubes alternate holding books and sculptures. The storage that shows off the work is nice, because I don’t really have anywhere else to put the art!

A big work table is in the middle of the room:

Works in Progress, the studio of Elaine Luther.

Small Studio Shelf with Container Store Boxes (KALLAX)

Small Studio Shelf with Container Store Boxes.

Small Studio Shelf with Container Store Boxes (KALLAX).

Across the work table from that shelf is the medium sized KALLAX. Many people would put the collapsible boxes you can buy from IKEA or Target into these, but I need to be able to see things. I only use clear storage boxes, and only from The Container Store. Why?

Container Store boxes are the right kind of plastic, they’re archival, it’s the kind of plastic Martha Stewart recommends for your fabrics or linens.
If you need more, they’ll always have them, so all your boxes will match. They’re not going to change the styles or lid colors like other manufacturers do.

What’s in the boxes?

Mostly fabric, sorted more or less by color. I’m not a quilter, I think I just like collecting fabric. And I’m experimenting with textile collage.

What size boxes are those?  The larger boxes are the Sweater Box and the smaller ones are the Men’s Boot Box, I’m pretty sure.  The 13″ KALLAX cubes can’t hold two Sweater Boxes, but they can hold this combination.

Organizationally, most people are either “innies” or “outies,” Outies need everything to be out, and visible, or they don’t know what they have.  Using clear containers satisfies my outie organizational style, while allowing me to have things be relatively tidy and put away.

And lastly, here’s an item that’s on my shelf, just as storage, but the funny thing is, at least two people have come in to the studio and thought that this was art!

Is it storage or is it art? Copyright Elaine Luther 2016

I just realized I’ve been calling these shelves KALLAX, when they’re actually EXPEDIT. KALLAX is the new version of the classic EXPEDIT shelf, and what you’ll be able to find if you go shopping at IKEA now.

Not pictured:  Under the window I have an IKEA bench, and underneath it, what else?  More clear container store boxes!

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