Jewelry Photography You Can Do It! by Elaine Luther

My first Kindle booklet is available now on amazon!

Here’s the description its page from amazon:

Want to take better pictures of your handcrafted jewelry? With this helpful booklet, you can do it! Jeweler and DIY photographer Elaine Luther tells you how to create a lighting set up inexpensively, what backgrounds to use and where to buy them and much, much more. Interviews with professional photographers cover topics including how to work with professional models, when to hire a professional photographer, and headshots. The resources section includes where to buy backgrounds, lights as well as links to more information, all carefully selected by the author. 8,550 words.

It’s equivalent to 30 pages, 8.5″ x 11″.

$2.99 Click here to buy a copy!

Cover Design: Anne M. Fiala