Answer U, Mandala by Elaine Luther

I’ve been enjoying all the great ideas on Shelley Klammer’s blog. One of those ideas is to draw mandalas, here’s what she writes about the value of doing mandalas:

I don’t draw much, so I’m mostly collaging my mandalas. So Creativity Tip #13 could be both, “try mandalas,” and “if the assignment doesn’t work for you, bend it until it does!”

Shelley says to trace something circular, such as a plate, into your sketchbook. I’ve traced a yogurt lid onto already painted sketchbook pages, so I have an element of chance before I even begin!

Here are some more mandalas from my sketchbook:

Mandalas by Elaine Luther

Mandala  Collage Bat Vision

Mandala  with arc of paper

Mandala Collage 1

Mandala of Heart and Chocolate Wrapper

Mandala Washi Tape

Mandala Collage 4

Mandala 3

Mandala 1

Now, what makes it quick, easy and fun for me to do these is that I have a stash of creative bits and pieces ready to go:

Sketchbook Goodies Stash

And here’s how I keep a lot of it organized, in this super-snazzy desk organizer, shelf-thingy from IKEA:

Organizing for Creative Practice / Little white shelf from IKEA

You might think, but wait, Elaine, you’re a “serious artist,” why are you doing these little sketchbooky things?

Doing these mandalas, and having a creative sketchbook practice are important parts of my creative process. They support the “serious” art work.

Sometimes, I’m incredibly productive in the studio, and other days, not so much. I might be getting over a cold, like today, or feeling in between projects. Having a creative sketchbook process, which can include making mandalas, is a way of refilling the creative well for me.

I made a sketchbook page about that:

Refilling the creative well, sketchbook page by Elaine Luther

Some days in the studio, I’m not making anything amazing or wonderful that’s going to end up in a gallery, but I have rules about studio time, and I have to make something.

Making mandalas is a wonderful way to refill the creative well.

I encourage you to give it a try!

All artwork and photographs are copyright Elaine Luther 2015-2016 All Rights Reserved.