Room Box by Elaine Luther

Room Box by Elaine Luther; collage painting by Elaine Luther, 2021.

After working with miniatures for 100 days in the 100 Day Project, and running a micro gallery, I thought I’d try my hand at making a room box. Here’s a simple, modern room box, and of course I put art on the wall!

What’s in the Room Box?

The box itself is a box for centerpieces or plants, the flooring is from Michael’s Crafts, the coffee table is from the Modern Mini series at Michaels. Collage painting by Elaine Luther, 2021. Bonsai tree was a gift! Other miniatures from my collection.

That’s it! While room boxes can be as complex as a Thorne Room, I wanted to keep it simple.  And I love this trend of modern furniture for dollhouses. I wanted to try out a way of creating a setting for people to have some miniatures in their lives, just for fun! Because who doesn’t need more adorable?

What do you think?  Do you want more adorable in your life?