Miniatures Conjure Delight
The Angelica Kauffman Gallery comes to the Garrett Museum of Art

Miniature art is inherently delightful.  It makes you slow down, take a closer look.  For this show, museum curator Angela Green and micro gallery curator Elaine Luther have partnered to create a group show of 14 different solo shows – each one in a miniature box gallery.

Luther has been curating shows in her Angelica Kauffman Gallery, named for the 18th Century Swiss Painter, for over 3 years, putting on more than 20 solo shows and more than 20 group shows.  Each show kicks off with an opening reception, complete with wine, cheese, and tiny cakes!  The gallery is staffed by PlayMobil figures, including a “mini me” for Elaine and her teen daughter, who often assists her.

The solo artists in this show are:  Isaac Rafael Galvan, Rebecca Potts Aguirre, Elaine Luther, Alex Velázquez Brightbill, Aparajita Jain Mahajan, Dulce Rodriguez, Stephanie Capps Dyke, Kathleen Marie Garness, Nina Wood, Bryan Northup, Beatriz Whitehill, Gina Lee Robbins, Priscilla Perkins, Liberty Worth.  

Printmaker Mel Kolstad’s work for this show will be 365 miniature drypoint etchings, each one a print of a food she’s eaten in the past year, and each one individually hand painted in watercolors.

The media represented in the show include oil painting, acrylic painting, quilts, upcycled sculpture, cyanotypes, polymer clay painting, photography, printmaking and illustration.  Artists are from across the U.S., plus India.

Miniatures Conjure Delight will open with an artist reception on March 22, 5-8 PM.  The show runs from March 22- May 5.  Come meet Elaine Luther and hear her speak about the miniature galleries.  Free and open to the public with all ages welcome.  Museum hours: Friday 5-8 PM, Saturday 4-7 PM, and Sunday 1-4 PM.  Closed Easter Sunday, March 31.  Other hours by appointment: 260-704-5400.  @_gmoa