This fall I’ll be teaching both Shibori Dyeing – Japanese style tying, clamping and wrapping, which will dye with the Procion color “indigo” which has been formulated to mimic the plant dye indigo.  It has all the right undertone colors.  It is a bit brighter than natural or synthetic indigo.

Here’s a description of the Shibori Dyeing class at the Oak Park Art League:

Learn the Japanese art of Shibori folding and dyeing.  Learn the arashi, itajime, kanoko, and ne-maki styles of folding/tying. In addition, learn two all-over patterns for two color dye processes. Learn to dye with Procion fiber reactive dyes. We’ll use simple tools and you’ll be able to repeat this at home on your own.  Make gorgeous fabrics each week that you can use to sew into garments or quilts, or dye all bandanas and T-shirts, your choice!

And because I seem to be on a kick of only making blue and white things, ; ) I’m also teaching cyanotypes.

Cyanotype Prints by Elaine Luther

Cyanotype prints by Elaine Luther. Source material for these prints include dried, pressed plants, lace and a transparency of a photo of ferns.

Here’s a description of the Shibori Dyeing class at the Oak Park Art League:

Capture objects in a moment in time with artistic blueprints.  Create imagery on paper or fabric without drawing.  Upcycle textiles (natural fabrics), print on rocks, wood, anything natural and porous.  We’ll print with both objects and black and white “negatives” on transparency paper.

Learn both dry and wet cyanotype methods.  Learn to improve the results you get in the development stage, and learn to “tone” or change the color of your prints.  Print without the sun, easy, rewarding and repeatable at home!

The process is safe but will stain.  Wear old clothes/apron and latex/nitrile gloves.


How to Register:

These classes are now live on the Oak Park Art League website.  Classes start September 12th.  Registration is open now!