A Pandemic Pause

During the pandemic, most of the art shows my work was in were online-only, because that’s what was happening, mostly.

More recently, shows are returning to in person and I’ve been entering group shows, both here and in the U.K. Why the U.K.? Because there’s a great website there called Curators Space and many of the opportunities posted there do not charge an entry fee.

Nice to be an international artist at last, even if it is at a literally small scale, with my tiny photos in the Tiny Cat Gallery, and my matchbox art hopefully in the Dollhouse’s Gallery, if it makes it through customs in time.

The Small House Gallery

Today I’m excited to announce that I’ll have three photos (shown above) in the “Big Small House Summer Open” show at The Small House Gallery. Or maybe not in, but on, as these will be projected onto? or into? one of the houses. We’ll see!

Another fun trend from Curators Space and in the U.K. is the making of online zines, and Instagram accounts that function sort of as magazines. I’m delighted that one such site, Interim Arts, profiled me and shared my work, and another one will include my art sometime soon.

Elaine Luther's Art, Our Lady of Perpetual Dishes, featured on the Interim Arts Instagram. The art is a silver leafed saint figure, with a silver leaved doll house bath tub behind it, and all around, in front of the figure, are dollhouse miniature dishes, pots, pans, utensils, glasses, water bottles, representing dirty dishes, and one perfect cake with cherries on top.

Elaine Luther’s Art, Our Lady of Perpetual Dishes, featured on the Interim Arts Instagram

Interim Arts features artists and does a series of three posts on them, sharing artwork and biographical information about the artist.

Next month I’ll have work in a show in the U.S. called Too Cute!  That one’s not local to me, but maybe there could be a road trip.  Looks like a fun one!

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