I’m all about this – getting the art made that no one has asked you to make – I have a daily and weekly creative/studio practice and recently gave a speech called Studio Rules! about how to set up boundaries, limits and habits to make you insanely productive.

So I was thrilled to be one of a handful of artists interviewed by writer Gigi Rosenberg in Professional Artist Magazine. It’s in the June issue, you can buy the paper issue or digital access online.

Here’s a peak at the paper issue and my work that was featured. If you’re a fan and regular reader, you’ll recognize my Balance & Tension sculptures and the medal from the series, Medals that You Wouldn’t Want to Earn. (You can see more by clicking the Portfolio tab above, if you want to know the names, sizes, or see them larger.)

It’s a great article and I am delighted to have been included!

All art work depicted is copyright the individual artists.

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