Here’s the report from opening night at the Garrett Museum of Art’s Miniatures Conjure Delights!

One artist said it was the most fun they’d ever had at an opening reception! All our hard work was done, and we artists were able to relax, give lots of hugs, say hi to old friends and new, and talk to patrons of the arts! It was a really lovely evening! Here are some photos of the artists saying a few words about their art.

Artists in the show are from all over the U.S. plus India, so I’m thrilled that these artists were able to attend!

L to R: Alex Velasquez Brightbill, Dulce Rodriguez.

L to R: Elaine Luther (in background), Isaac R. Galvan, Mel Kolstad.

L to R: (in black) Mel Kolstad, (with microphone) Angela Green, Curator, Jim Gabbard, Museum Director.

Speaking: Isaac R. Galvan, to the right of him is Angela Green.

Miniature Solo Shows

A mosaic shows 14 miniature art shows in box galleries, plus one small framed work. All are in the Garrett Museum of Art.

Top row: Beatriz Whitehill, Gina Lee Robbins, Liberty Worth.
2nd row from top: Alex V. Brightbill, Elaine Luther, Isaac Galvan.
3rd Row from the top: Priscilla Perkins, Stephanie Capps Dyke, Aparajita Jain Mahajan,
2nd row from the bottom: Nina Wood, Dulce Rodriguez, Rebecca Potts Aguirre.
Last row: Bryan Northup, Kathleen Garness, Mel Kolstad.

Garrett Museum of Art in Garrett, Indiana

Garrett Museum of Art, in Garrett, Indiana

The museum may look small from the outside, but it holds a lot of art!  The only way I’ll be able to do justice to each artist’s work is by doing one blog post per artist, so I’ll start doing those, but at least the mosaic above gives you a taste of the show!

The 15 artists in the show are:

Beatriz Whitehill @beatrizzzamelia
Gina Lee Robbins @ginaleerobbins
Liberty Worth @libertyworthart
Alex Velasquez Brightbill @avelazqu80
Elaine Luther @Elaine_Luther
Isaac R. Galvan @arte.galvan
Priscilla Perkins @thimble_rigger
Stephanie Capps Dyke @creativeandmindful
Aparajita Jain Mahajan @aparajita_atot
Nina Wood @ninawood_artworks
Dulce Rodriguez @xolphoto
Rebecca Potts Aguirre @pottsart
Bryan Northup @bryan.northup
Kathleen Garness @kathleenmariegarness
Mel Kolstad @melkolstadart

All artwork is Copyright the Respective Artists.

Photos are by me and by family members, except as noted on the photos above.