"Anti-War Medal/Johnny We Hardly Knew Ye" by Elaine Luther (c) 2007 Elaine Luther  All Rights Reserved

“Anti-War Medal/Johnny We Hardly Knew Ye” by Elaine Luther
(c) 2007 Elaine Luther All Rights Reserved

There’s a terrific call for art for a gallery show that I just entered. I love calls for art since sometimes they spark the creation of a specific piece – it can be like a commission in a way.

I already had a piece of art that’s been paired with a song since I made it – it’s called Anti-War Medal/Johnny We Hardly Knew Ye, pictured above. (Which was actually made in response to a call for art.)

For the exhibition I just applied for you have to send in a link to a video of the song and in the show, there will be a QR code on the wall for folks to hear the song that goes with the art on their phone. I think that’s such a cool idea for a show!

Here’s the video I submitted to go with my Anti-War Medal:


It’s the UCLA Chorale performing the song.

I also entered two other art pieces paired with songs. After the selections are made for the show and my art either gets in or doesn’t, I’ll share those pairings as well!