Community Pandemic Quilt organized by the Riverside Art Center in Riverside, Illinois, will be added to the collection at the Field Museum, Chicago.

Very exciting news about a quilt I contributed a block to!

The Riverside Arts Center writes:

The quilt will become a part of the new Pandemic Collection, housed in the Field Museum’s Anthropology Collection.

According to the Field Museum, The Pandemic Collection is “a new collection of artifacts and materials that reflect cultural responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the economic devastation, and the simultaneous related activism for social justice. The collection will capture the diverse ways in which people have invested meaning and taken action in this time of rapid social change. In doing so, the Museum will create a dynamic collections resource for current and future generations.”

An exhibition is also planned.

Here’s background on the project and the dedicated volunteers who made it happen!

RAC writes: “Created by community members and sponsored by Riverside Arts Center (RAC), this beautiful community quilt, offers an uplifting perspective on the Coronavirus Pandemic. The quilt draws together experiences from the RAC community during 2020’s stay-home period.

The project was spearheaded by Riversider Bridget Juister. Joined by RAC School Manager Shawn Vincent, packets of fabrics were distributed and the project was completely free for the community and offered a creative reprieve during a difficult time. Juister completed the quilt using a golden thread woven between the squares, serving as a symbolic link between diverse communities and individuals within them. The quilt commemorates the belief that when basic human needs are met, peace and joy lie at the core for every human experience.

Riverside Arts Center (RAC) is proud to support this beautiful volunteer effort, an antidote of togetherness during what was otherwise a time of isolation and anxiety. These artists created gentle expressions of optimism and patience, assertions of solidarity and hope, and a bit of fun. Individually and as a whole these creations are inspiring to witness.”

Participating quilters:

Jodan Acker Anderson
Gwendolyn Adelman
Mandi Altepeter
Julie Avina
Roselle Badrina
Caroline Bittorf
Angela Bursua
Kristy Cubas
Margaret & Kevin Dowling
Deb Faletti
Bridget Juister
Ann Jules
Marisa Kirsch
Shari Klyber
Sally Kowaleski
Virgina Lattner
Susan Lisle
Christina, Bryan, James and Avery Long
Elaine Luther
Renee McGinnis
julie Milidis
Debra Myers
Riia O’Donnell
Deb Pike
Amy Talia and Tegan Sheridan
Trish Smithing
Paul Gerard Sommers
Kathy Stegemann
Susanne Vogel