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Tactical Urbanism For Librarians

Tactical Urbanism Book

“This book is unique in its attention towards librarians’ role in the movement … Will inspire librarians and library staff to identify and solve problems.” –Library Journal

Professional Artist Magazine – June/July 2018

Forest Park Review


EXPLORE art installation story in the Forest Park Review

Story in the Forest Park Review about this art installation with public participation at the Forest Park Public Library in July 2015 and the paper also wrote an editorial in response to this installation.

Articles & Guest Posts

Elaine has had articles published in Art Jewelry Magazine, Studio PMC and been interviewed by The Crafts Report, Fusion, Authority on Jewelry Manufacturing, Bead and Button and Studio PMC. She has been profiled in her local paper, at JCKonline, on the Library as Incubator blog, and Arts Business Institute.

She has written guest posts for the Art Biz Blog and ReFab Diaries.

Guest post by Elaine Luther at Art Biz Blog

Guest Post at the Art Biz Blog

From “It’s been a while since I’ve written about blogging, so I thought it was time to share some thoughts I’ve had and revisit some past ideas on the topic.There are plenty of benefits of blogging, but maybe blogging isn’t for you.”

Guest post at ReFab Diaries

From ReFabDiaries: “Elaine works a lot with metal, not just in her jewelry making but also her art. So it’s fitting that this tutorial involves silver. Silver leaf, to be exact. This is a great technique for giving new life to old wood pieces. In this case, picture frames.”

Forest Park artist and jeweler creates high-concept work from found objects

From Forest Park Review: In the world of Forest Park artist Elaine Luther, coincidence plays a starring role. “I found this broken car glass on the street and I swept it up. It stayed on my work bench for years and years until I finally found a place for it,” she said.

Elaine Luther in the Forest Park Review

Elaine Luther in the Forest Park Review

Library As Incubator Project



Profile on Library as Incubator Project about my Medals that You Wouldn’t Want to Earn.

Profile on Library as Incubator Project about Our Ladies of Perpetual Housework.

Selected Publications

Art Jewelry & Studio PMC Magazine
  • Art Jewelry Magazine November 2008, Project Article Photo Pendant
  • Art Jewelry Magazine January 2009, Project Article Splat! Pendant
  • Art Jewelry Magazine, subscriber bonus download Metal Clay Envelope
  • Studio PMC, Volume 10, Number 3, Fall 2007 Society of Mothers…

Picture Yourself Creating Metal Clay Jewelry

Picture Yourself Creating Metal Clay Jewelry, by Tammy Powley, Contributor in Gallery Section

Artist Bio

Elaine Luther is an artist whose work explores death, motherhood and doing the dishes. She finds that the more honest she is in her art, the more others can connect with it. Her art has been exhibited nationally and internationally, notably in Chicago at Woman Made Gallery and in London. Solo shows include Harold Washington Library, West Englewood Public Library and multiple micro-galleries, including two in the U.K.

A screenshot from Instagram from the Tiny Cat Gallery, showing an art show of photos by Elaine Luther. In the gallery are two cats.

Elaine Luther’s work installed at the Tiny Cat Gallery.

Elaine Luther in the Forest Park Review