Photo of maple tree copyright Elaine Luther

Copyright Elaine Luther 2016

I said that in a text and liked it, so I made a graphic of it. : ) I always resist fall. I want more summer. I also resist Thanksgiving and Christmas, partly because the stores rush the holidays on us, it really is always too soon!

Back to school sales in July? That’s just wrong!

This year, I had the odd summer challenge of designing Thanksgiving centerpieces for a class I’ll teach in November. Me! Making centerpieces in August!

I’ve tried bronze-leafing plastic pumpkins and you don’t want to know what else… I’m now the owner of some lovely glitter in fall tones. Did you know they make glitter in an amazing array of colors these days?

The challenge is, it’s a two hour workshop, limited budget, large class, and I have high standards. I have something though, I think I’ve got it solved. (Will post a picture when I’ve got a fully completed sample.)

What’s this got to do with creativity? (This is, after all, a post in the About Creativity section.)

I’m not completely sure, but I’ve been learning this past year that my art is best when I trust the process, when I make what I’m making, even if I have no idea why, even if I can’t see until much later, when a pattern emerges.

Maybe that going with the flow and trusting the process extends to the seasons. Maybe if I go ahead and let fall do its thing, I can also be present, enjoy it, and make sure I collect enough leaves to get me through the winter of making art with them.

What do you think?