A Big Important Art Book (Now with Women) by Danielle Krysa
Profiles of Unstoppable Female Artists — and Projects to Help You Become One

Like me, the author had the experience in a college art history class of looking through her textbook and wondering, “where are all the women?” This book is in part, her answer to that and it’s a delightful combination of things. (This book was already on my amazon wish list, so I was delighted when the publisher sent me an advance copy.)

The book profiles 45 living women artists, manageably grouped in threes, on a theme and with lots of color photos.

Each chapter begins with an art/creativity exercise for you to do. And each living artist is linked to an historic woman artist, who has a paragraph or two about her work and career. Those historic descriptions do not include any images of their art! I hope that everyone who reads the book will be moved to look them up online and learn more about their art!

The exercises are do-able, I’ve already done one of them. Here too, I wish there were more pictures and instructions, but then, it would be a different book, wouldn’t it?

I know about a lot of women artists, but I was still introduced to many new ones in this book. It’s a delightful book and one every art history fan and supporter of women artists will want to own.

If you find she didn’t include one of your favorite artists, fear not, she’s working on volume 2!

Find the book on amazon here, pre-order today, regular ordering starts tomorrow!.

Don’t recognize the name Danielle Krysa? Maybe you know her as The Jealous Curator and author of the book Your Inner Critic is a Big Jerk.