Wonderfully busy these days!  Here I am hamming it up for the camera, showing off the custom jacket I had made to wear to the Self-Employment in the Arts Conference, where I spoke on How to Start a Not for Profit, My Life in Jewelry and participated in a panel on Multiple Income Streams, led a roundtable on ebooks and did one on one mentoring sessions!  It was such fun!  I really enjoy helping college students strategize.

The incredibly talented person who made the jacket, including basically making a new pattern so that it would fit just right, is Lisa Polderman, see her blog post about the making of the jacket here.  I think as someone who’s vertically challenged, I’m used to clothes not fitting right, so used to it that I barely notice.  Wearing something that exactly fits me is amazing!  (I warn you though: have something custom made and you’ll get addicted!)

Stacy and Clinton would be so proud of me, look, I’m wearing tailored clothes.

While at the conference, I had time to hear the keynote speeches and also the awesome My Life in the Performing Arts with Samantha Jones, check out her website The Real Samantha Jones, and if you’re in New York, take her improv classes, whether you want to learn improv or not, she’s that amazing.  (Her blog is here.)

So much happening!  Yesterday I installed an exhibit of my assemblage sculptures at the West Englewood Branch of the Chicago Public Library.

West Englewood Library

And I’m thrilled to be on the Advisory Board for Woman Made Gallery!