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Elaine Luther is an art teacher with 20+ years of experience supporting students’ creativity. Now teaching:

  • Shibori Dyeing
  • Clocking in for Unpaid Labor Workshop
  • Resistance is Fertile: Fabric Dyeing and Imagery Workshop
  • Protest Posters
  • Activist T-shirts
  • Additional topics on request
Clocking in for Unpaid Labor Workshop
Clocking in for Unpaid Labor Workshop
Be a part of the Clocking in for Unpaid Labor Public Participation Art Project.  In this hands-on workshop, you’ll reflect on the unpaid labor you perform in your life, this could be care work, and it could also be things like work required on the job when you’re not clocked in.  We’ll reflect and do some short quick writes before diving in with the collage materials and glue (materials will be provided, and bring your favorites if you have some) to make our own time cards.  You might bring along things from home, from the bottom of your purse, from your glove box, that symbolize your unpaid labor.
If you wish, allow the teacher to photograph your time card so it can be part of the online presentation of the time card project.  The time cards are also a traveling exhibition that moves from place to place, you are invited to lend your card to be a part of that, but it is not required.
New Classes by Elaine Luther, Shibori Fabric Dyeing

Shibori Weekly Class
Learn the Japanese art of Shibori folding and dyeing.  Learn the arashi, itajime, kanoko, and ne-maki styles of folding/tying.  In addition, learn two all-over patterns for two color dye processes.  Learn to dye with Procion fiber reactive dyes. We’ll use simple tools and you’ll be able to repeat this at home on your own.  Make gorgeous fabrics each week that you can use to sew into garments or quilts, or dye all bandanas and T-shirts, your choice!  

Activist T-shirts
In this workshop, participants identify an issue they’d like to get the word out about, make a stencil and use silkscreen ink to create a shirt. We look at protest art and creating symbols to represent ideas. Best for teens and adults.
Here’s a sample shirt, not on an activist theme, made in another class:

Sample T-shirt, made by student in class with Elaine Luther

Rock the Protest Poster
Have something to say? Have an issue you want to draw attention to? In this class we’ll make posters about issues we care about. Learn the principles of effective poster design through hands on practice. Digitize your poster(s) and share them online. Look at art historical and current examples of protest art, propaganda and top notch gig posters. Best for teens and adults.

Resistance is Fertile: Using Plexi, Paste and Objects to Create Fabric and Imagery with Dye

In this week-long workshop, you’ll learn to use shibori techniques and paste resist with Procion fiber reactive dyes to create fabrics that are rich with layers of color and design.
In addition, learn to use Solar Fast Dye to create sun prints on fabric, using objects to create the design.  Create good sized sample pieces to take home and add into projects such as quilts, pillows or textile collages.  (Alternatively, students could print on white bandanas and t-shirts.)

Philosophy and Where I’ve Taught
You can read my teaching philosophy and see the extensive list of art centers, libraries and more where I’ve taught, HERE.

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Elaine Luther Silkscreening, 2015, photo by Deb Garman


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