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An art teacher with years of experience supporting students’ creativity. Now teaching primarily:

  • Protest Posters
  • Activist T-shirts
  • Replace the Hate
  • Blessing Banners workshops and classes.

Activist T-shirts Workshop with Elaine Luther

In this workshop, participants identify an issue they’d like to get the word out about, make a stencil and use silkscreen ink to create a shirt. We look at protest art and creating symbols to represent ideas. Best for teens and adults.

Here’s a sample shirt, not on an activist theme, made in another class:

Sample T-shirt, made by student in class with Elaine Luther

Rock the Protest Poster! workshop with Elaine Luther

Have something to say? Have an issue you want to draw attention to? In this class we’ll make posters about issues we care about. Learn the principles of effective poster design through hands on practice. Digitize your poster(s) and share them online. Look at art historical and current examples of protest art, propaganda and top notch gig posters. Best for teens and adults.

Public Engagement Art Graphic with Image of EXPLORE project by Elaine Luther

I can work with your organization to create a public engagement project that’s right for you.  My goal is always to create an environment where even those who feel that are not creative feel safe joining in the creativity.

Read about two recent projects, EXPLORE, here: 

and a Before I Die… Wall installation here:

What’s My Connection with Libraries?

I have long been what library staffers call a “heavy user” of the library.  As an artist, my connection to libraries began in 2012, with my solo show of my Medals That You Wouldn’t Want to Earn at the Harold Washington Library.

Harold Washington Library, Chicago

Harold Washington Library, Chicago

At that time, the Library as Incubator blog profiled me, you can read that here:

Library as Incubator Logo

This year, 2014, I had a solo show of my sculptures, Our Ladies of Perpetual Housework, at the West Englewood Branch of the Chicago Public Library.

West Englewood Library

West Englewood Library, Chicago

The terrific folks at the Library as Incubator Project blog wrote about me once again!  You can read that here:  In that piece, I talk about why I like to exhibit in libraries.

In July 2014, the Our Ladies of Perpetual Housework were on display at the Dole Branch Library of the Oak Park Public Library.

Ready to schedule a workshop, exhibit, residency or public engagement art project?  Or maybe a combination?  I also do public speaking and would be glad to arrange a single workshop or a whole package for your library.

Need a thematic curriculum for your staff to use as they execute programming?  I can do that too.

You can read my teaching philosophy and see the extensive list of art centers, libraries and more where I’ve taught, HERE.

Start the conversation, message me HERE.  Thanks!

Elaine Luther Silkscreening, 2015, photo by Deb Garman


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