Screenshot of an Instagram post by Stefanie Girard, showing Elaine Luther's prints in front of a vending machine that sells art.

Art by Elaine Luther, shown in front of the Art Candy Machine in Burbank, CA.

The Art Candy Machine is the brainchild of artist Stefanie Girard, and this snack machine that vends art is made available to customers in a residential neighborhood, with fans watching her Instagram account to see when the Machine will be available.

I’m delighted to say that my prints are now available for purchase at the Art Candy Machine, thus fulfilling a life-long dream of selling my art in a vending machine! These are mostly collages with mono printing over the collage, and also in the plastic sleeve is a bonus artist trading card size landscape.

Find Stefanie’s Instagram here.

Find the Art Candy Machine and the Burbank Neighborhood Gallery at Oak and Fairview in Burbank, CA. And I believe there’s also a painted rock take a rock/leave a rock library.

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