A group of stickers by Totally Legit Card Co featuring art by Elaine Luther, Betsy Zacsek and Maria Romero Luther

Stickers from Totally Legit Card Co. Column 1 is work by Maria Romero Luther, Column 2 is by Betsy Zacsek, Column 3 is by Elaine Luther. Copyrights held by each artist.

What’s our style?

What’s our style over at the new Shopify store, Totally Legit Card Co.? That’s one of the questions asked by host Joann Hawker of the March Meet the Maker thing that’s happening over on Instagram. She asks good questions!

All of the stickers and cards we carry are drawn/painted/designed by artists, so they all have that handmade feeling. Maria’s stickers are all hand drawn. Betsy’s process starts with learning about the women artists and inventors, then drawing then as line art before painting them with watercolor paints. Elaine’s approach is more graphic design, with a bit of a retro vibe.

Uniting themes?

Uniting themes? Fun, friends, colorful, artistic and sometimes historic. The stickers in the Being Bold line by Betsy Zacsek each feature a woman artist or inventor from the past – 21 in all! These women of achievement are also celebrated on posters, a placemat, and in a sticker of the month club!

Elaine (that’s me!) shares her love of history with quotes and photos by some of the “bad girls” of history, as well as the well, not bad girls. Good girls? This language is getting to be problematic…

And Elaine’s line includes a reprint of the WWII poster, in sticker form, of Jenny on the Job, Rosie’s less famous cousin in coveralls. Can you believe it? They really made posters that said, “Jenny on the Job Eats Man Size Meals!” We love it!

And of course, there’s the Pockets for Women! sticker, if you know us here on the blog, you know of our life long commitment to both pockets and women’s lifelong names.

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