I love the 100 Day Project, I love the challenge, the sharing, the building my IG community.

I don’t love how it feeds into unhealthy social media habits, at least for me. This year, the thought of doing the project just makes me kind of tired.

I want to do a project, I just don’t want to share it. And the project, for me, makes me tend toward something small and sharable, when right now I’m working on longer processes that are un-photogenic, and I just need the process to be mine, just for me. (And for the art to come into being.)

I may have a little challenge, in my mind, to share in the future, for a blog post.

I had thought about doing one for the mini gallery, since I post almost daily for the mini gallery anyway, it could just be 100 Days of Micro Gallery something, but even there, I value my Sundays off of posting.

So there, it’s official, I’ve said it here, I’m not doing it!

But I will follow your projects and support you!  If I’m not following you already and you’re doing a project please post in the comments and I’ll follow you!