In 2022, the Angelica Kauffman Gallery will be hosting solo shows, almost exclusively. We got an early start in December 2021, with a show of pastel drawings by Sarah Arriagada.

Then in January, we hosted Charity Capili Ellis’s show of collages mounted on wood.

Our second show in January is with textile artist Jen Bromel, who is setting a record for the micro gallery, having already sold 3 works!

Here are pictures of these three shows. In subsequent posts, I’ll share a photo of each artist, along with their interview questions and answers.

This year, you can expect to see at least two solo shows per month!

Okay, let’s take a look at the shows!

Solo Show by Sarah Arriagada

Miniature solo show by Sarah Arriagada. “Wonderland,” at the Angelica Kauffman Gallery in December, 2021.

I asked Sarah, “What is the medium used for these drawings?”

Sarah writes, “I used oil pastels–a mix of different brands and quality levels–on slightly tinted paper. The sheets are 4.5 x 5 inches, with partly cut, partly neatly ripped borders. The notecard-sized sheets of paper were laying around when I began the studio session with my daughter. They were quite possibly remnants from a previous project and offered the ideal surface for spontaneous, creative expression.”

Find Sarah @sarah_arriagada and

Solo Show by Charity Capili Ellis

Colleges mounted on wood by Charity Capili Ellis.

Colleges mounted on wood by Charity Capili Ellis.

Materials: paper, stickers, oil pastel, lace paper, clothespins, wood

Find Charity Capili Ellis @ccapelliscreate and

Solo Show by Jen Bromel

Solo Show by Jen Bromel at the Angelica Kauffman Gallery, a micro gallery.

Solo Show by Jen Bromel at the Angelica Kauffman Gallery in January 2022.

In her Waste Not, Want Not Series she challenged herself to use up every bit of her scraps from her larger works.

Jen Bromel writes these works “incorporate my love of everyday making, improvisation, and repurposing materials.

I have long saved all the cut off bits of my larger works and failed experiments. I am excited to have discovered this way to give these colorful cloths new life. I hope it inspires someone else to rethink what is worth saving/reusing, what is worth celebrating and where beauty can be found.”

Find more of her work at and @jen.broemel

What is the Angelica Kauffman Gallery?

The Angelica Kauffman Gallery is an artistic and curatorial project by Elaine Luther.  It started with a single 12″ x 12″ x 12″ white cube gallery, a literal box, and has grown to include 3 12x12s, 2 12x16s, 1 wine crate loft gallery, two multi-story dollhouses and one outdoor structure.

In 2021, the galleries were out on public display, at a library, in a storefront window, in a boutique, and in a glass case at a creative reuse store, for a total of 12.5 months.

Here’s the gallery’s own page on this site:

As of this moment, there are still openings for solo shows in 2022, instructions for how to submit are here: